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Published: 02nd March 2011
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I am trying to use Instant Messaging for the very first time. Miranda was recommended to me and so I downloaded it and installed it. However, nothing seems to work. I’ll describe below what’s happening in the hope that somebody can give some suggestions of what to do about it.

When I hover my cursor over the small icon in the tray at the bottom of my screen, all of the various services are listed as "Offline."

When I double click on the icon, then I get a small box labeled "Miranda IM" on my screen. When I click on Status in this box, all of the services appear, but they are all still offline. When I click on AIM and then click on "online", then I get the message "Unknown Error occured when attempting to contact." The same message occurs when I click "Away" or "Invisible".

This error message is not very descriptive and I don’t know what to do next.

As I said, I am completely new at this, so I would appreciate basic instructions on how to fix this problem. I may have done something wrong in setup, so I would appreciate any suggestions about how to check or test the setup procedure if necessary.

I also tried to read the "Quick Start", "Comprehensive Guide", and FAQ at the beginning of the forums but they all say that there is a server problem and nothing comes up.

Finally, I also entered the error message in the Forum Search, but got a response of "No match."

So this forum is my next effort to find some help. If anybody knows anything about the problem I have described, I would appreciate your comments.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

1. Right click on Miranda icon in the tray please and select Main Menu >> Options.

In the options window select Network >> AIM in the tree on the left.

Enter your login name and password, and hit "OK" to close the window. Then right click on Miranda icon in the tray again and select >> Status >> AIM >> Online. Does the protocol connect now? If not, make sure please that Miranda is not blocked by anything on your PC (e.g. a firewall).

If you have any unnecessary protocols installed, you can disable them through Miranda IM Options >> Plugins. You need to close/restart Miranda afterwards.

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